Bernard King Working For a Sports Agency

With the new basketball season just weeks away and training camp about to begin, the Knicks are set to embark on what they hope will be a promising year.

All reported twenty players set to join New York in camp will have the opportunity to strut their stuff, prove themselves, while at the same time, developing cohesiveness as a group.

In addition to players on the Knicks' roster, a plethora of players around the league will have similar opportunities with other teams as well. That said, there are certainly a handful of other intriguing players who are still fighting for the chance to get noticed.

Many of those very young guns eye the NBA D-League as their opportunity to do so. On Sunday, the Knicks' minor league squad hosted open tryouts in New York City.

As it just so happens, a source tells that one of the players that participated in Sunday's session is represented by none other than Knicks legend and recent NBA Hall of Fame inductee Bernard King.

Well, not exactly, but you certainly heard the name right. King, who also appeared on a bevy of MSG Network broadcasts last season, has recently dived into the world of sports management. In April, the Hall of Famer signed on with Star Pass Sports Management as their NBA Advisor. While he's not officially a certified agent himself, King seems to act as the basketball figurehead for the agency. His presence certainly helps them reel in intriguing talent.

According to their website, Star Pass Sports has a team full of sports related advisors (legends from each respective sport), and a couple of certified agents to seemingly handle the contracts behind the scenes.

With one player already going through the motions of the Knicks' D-League tryout this weekend, it'll be interesting to see if any of King's other athletes turn up in New York related conversations this season.