Class Clown: Metta World Peace Previews What’s To Come

"Shakeup? What shakeup?"

That was Metta World Peace's (not so) innocent response when asked about the Knicks' front office switch during media day on Monday. It was certainly one way to dodge such a line of questioning, but World Peace's fun with us reporters didn't simply end there. 

We learned that the only thing World Peace "shakes up" is whatever happens to be on his breakfast menu each morning. But that's not all we learned from the swingman.

"I'm most comfortable in the bed, alright? I'm not going to lie," the Queens native asserted. Of course, one could file that response under the "Too Much Information" column, but that doesn't change the fact that no one could have seen that coming. Artest (the veteran did say we could refer to him as Ron Artest, if so desired) was answering a question referencing his comfortability at the small and/or power forward positions. Go figure.

But just when we may have all thought we were in the clear, the jokester struck again as he kept things going. Raymond Felton tried to play savior, asserting that his new teammate meant to say he enjoyed, sleeping, in the bed. To that notion, World Peace added, "Preferably one of those beds that's bouncy with the liquid inside."

While the forward's playful antics continued, a younger reporter from the St. John's University student newspaper (The Torch) was getting set to step up to the plate and ask World Peace a question about his alma-matter. Even he, however, wasn't safe.

As the student began his question, World Peace interrupted and asked, "Do you have any of those beds? Can you tell me where to get one?"

Let me digress for a moment. Back in elementary school, News Channel 12 on Long Island came to film a segment on a science presentation taking place at my school. Picked out of a crowd of eager students with wild imaginations (don't ask me how), I was asked to recall any inventions by the great Benjamin Franklin.

What was my response? "Some sort of stove…" I had said. I couldn't think of anything else. As true as that very assertion was (I was right!), little me couldn't think of any other fine inventions of Franklin's that happened to be that much more impressive and prevalent, let alone crucial and important, to our society today.

Back to World Peace. My point is that when the stars align and the pressure is on, sometimes we just can't think of the best things to say at that given point in time. With that in mind, the poor kid fell right into World Peace's comical trap.

"I don't know…Bed & Bath, maybe," was the reporter's first response to the forward's tease of a question as to where he could find his ideal bed. 

As it just so happened, World Peace had a difference of opinion. ""Bed, Bath? I don't think they sell beds at Bed, Bath, and Beyond," he said. "Are you a new [media] member? Ya'll know this guy? I've never seen him before."

Of course, everything from one of the newest Knickerbockers was all in good fun. His playful nature was further seen when he took the microphone and started asking reporters questions instead. Needless to say, it's going to be a fun-filled year covering World Peace, and while he may not have many groundbreaking things to say regarding his team, we'll all need to stay on our toes regardless. It'll be interesting, to say the least.

As his session with the media concluded, the veteran left the group with a fine line of wisdom when asked to compare former Lakers' teammate Pau Gasol with new Knickerbocker teammate Andrea Bargnani.

"They're fun. They're both foreigners, they're not from America. I can't really give a comparison. Bargnani can shoot three's. Pau can too. I guess they both wear size 15. They're good guys. They like to read. Read to achieve. Hey guys, Melo's here! Bye."

And just like that, World Peace was out. Media Day will surely not be the only chance to display his comedy chops and tease reporters, however, so be sure to stay tuned throughout the year for more of his one-liners. He's sure to keep us all entertained, if nothing else.