Former Knicks’ Big Man Rasheed Wallace: Explained

Though he only spent his final NBA season as a New York Knick, Rasheed Wallace was well known coming into the Big Apple by fans everywhere. His play spoke for itself, but so did his radical, wild, and outspoken attitude and persona both on and off the court.

Even so, while Wallace is typically not one to be known to welcome the media into his locker with open arms. He seemed to interact with the New York media even less during his time as a Knickerbocker. After all, he was only obligated to do so through December before being released due to injury. Oh, Rasheed, we hardly knew ye. 

But perhaps a little window into Rasheed's world has been opened due to his recent appearance on MSG Network's "Four Courses With JB Smoove." The show involves the actor "hosting" a dinner with four or five other celebrity personalities, including former NBA players like Larry Johnson, John Salley, and now, Wallace, too.

As much as his wild ways on the court spoke volumes, so did his admirable display of sticking with the Knicks throughout the season, even after he was no longer able to contribute and/or be paid for his efforts. Wallace attended practices and sat behind the bench for each and every game after he was formally released. 


In the clip below, the big man not only discusses his craziest ever summer job, but also sheds a little light as to why he is (or was, at this point) the way he is on the court. He even compares himself to Jekyll & Hyde.