How Legitimate Are the Knicks’ Hopes For Bobby Brown?

This past week in Las Vegas, the Knicks not only had their eye on a couple of Summer League participants, but some free agents over at IMPACT as well.

The likes of Austin Daye, Stefhon Hannah, and Bobby Brown were among the more intriguing players to have worked out in Sin City for Knicks brass. The latter, however, (Brown) has seemingly been picking up the most steam as the more likely option to join New York over the last couple of days.

But just how legitimate are the Knicks' hopes of signing Brown? Like many players who participated in NBA Summer League over the last ten days or so, Brown could be using such exposure simply to up the offers and/or interest of international squads as well. The combo guard, who starred last season in Italy, is also reportedly drawing interest from executives in China.

What's interesting about Brown is the fact that he isn't exactly much of a floor general. After losing Jason Kidd to retirement, the Knicks undoubtedly could use a third point guard. Having three quality players at the position (and balancing the minutes out and/or even playing two alongside one another) worked out really for New York this past season.

Is more of a traditional point guard truly what the Knicks need, or would a combo guard still fit right into the mix? That remains to be seen. Still, most of the other free agent point guards available at this point aren't exactly what you would call pass-first players, anyway.

Though Brown could probably cash in on a more lucrative contract than what the Knicks could provide him with overseas, perhaps the allure of breaking into the NBA (and potentially contributing to a playoff contender at that) would be too much for him to pass up. 

This past season, the Knicks signed and brought in the likes of Pablo Prigioni, Chris Copeland, and James White. All three players were older guys who were ready to come to The Association after spending a few years playing international ball. Each one of them came cheap at a minimum contract.

Though Copeland and White won't return next season, such an experiment still worked out relatively well in the Knicks' favor overall. Bringing Brown into the fold may not be the worst idea, especially considering the other options currently available. 

It just remains to be seen if he truly has as much mutual interest.