Iman Shumpert Talks About FLOTUS Song And Rihanna

Whether they're choosing to stay local in the Big Apple or opting to tour the world this summer, it's safe to say a handful of the Knicks are having themselves pretty busy offseasons.

On Iman Shumpert's to-do list was not only NBA Summer League and a trip with Danny Green and other league officials to China, but also recording a rap song for First Lady Michelle Obama, apparently.

Appearing on a new show on MTV2, entitled, Charlamagne And Friends, Shumpert talked about his latest off the court project and explained how it all came about.

In addition to discussing what else he's been up to this summer (aside from hanging out with girlfriend Elle Varner), the guard also stood up for teammate J.R. Smith and addressed the alleged "beef" with Rihanna. 

I'm not really one for off-the-court gossip. Still, it was pretty interesting to hear Shumpert discuss it while almost being unprovoked to do so. His prospective on the whole thing was unique to hear.

Action speak louder than words, as the Georgia Tech product demonstrates in the clip himself. Watch below to see what he does and hear what he says.