Interesting Names Pop Up in Knicks’ Quest To Fill Out Roster

Upon signing former Warriors' (both D-League and NBA) big man Jeremy Tyler to a two-year partially guaranteed contract on Tuesday, the Knicks appeared to be on to something. Though, clearly still in "win-now" mode, it's nevertheless important to have one eye on the future. Thus, reeling in a player with Tyler's potential is both an intriguing and smart move.

But as Tuesday has now come and gone, Wednesday has arrived to bring forth a bevy of rumors surrounding the Knicks' reported interest in some…other…players.

Bobby Brown, the international star who played in Italy last season and is poised to go to China next, worked out for the Knicks on more local ground in Westchester on Wednesday. 

The combo-guard, who worked out for the Knicks in Las Vegas during the NBA Summer League period, recently signed a contract to play in China this coming season. Such a pact has an early out clause of sorts, should Brown be able to snag an NBA deal by August 15th. 

Brown has spent the more recent summer weeks playing in the Drew League in Los Angeles, along with Metta World Peace and other talented NBA players. On Wednesday, he was reportedly joined by Sean May and D.J. White at the Knicks' training center.

By all accounts, whether they be talent-level, potential, intrigue, and/or position need, Brown stands to be the more (and perhaps only) sensible participant of the bunch. Even considering the injuries players like Amar'e Stoudemire and Andrea Bargnani may stand to have next season, New York has plenty of players who can handle being in the front court already under contract. 

That said, you never know what's going to happen. What's more, perhaps the Knicks were very intrigued as to what May could offer at this point. There's no harm in taking a look, if even just out of pure curiosity.

Realizing the team's need for a point guard, the Knicks are also reportedly looking at former team starting point guard Chris Duhon. Should the two sides hold any serious discussions, fans must take things for what they're worth. Now in August, the cream of the crop for remaining floor generals available isn't so promising. What's more, perhaps not much is going to be desired from a third-string point guard anyway.

Duhon somehow garnered a poor reputation towards the end of his Knickerbocker tenure, and though he wasn't the floor general one may have wanted to brag home about, his struggles weren't all his fault. In each of his two seasons with the Knicks, Duhon (and David Lee too, for that matter) was run into the ground by Coach Mike D'Antoni. It wasn't his fault he burned out towards the end.

In any event, these names are certainly intriguing, for better or for worse. It'll interesting if anything else develops. 

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