Knicks Extending Too Many Favors?

According to my pal Jared Zwerling (who recently accepted a new gig at Bleacher Report), the Knicks will host up to ten players at their training facility on Tuesday for a free agent mini-camp. Among those participating will reportedly be former NBA twenty-plus point scorer Ricky Davis, and former St. John's standout Justin Brownlee. The latter spent NBA Summer League in Las Vegas with New York.

With certain roster spots up for grabs (and a number of players currently on the roster only signed to partially guaranteed contracts), it's safe to say the Knicks have been open to exploring any and all options this offseason.

Some players New York has brought in (like Davis, per say) have been worthwhile low risk, high-reward type possibilities. These guys are intriguing and could potentially amount to something.

That said, along with such players worthy of a look, the Knicks have ushered in a bevy of players seemingly worth not much else than a courtesy look. Said players aren't likely to end up contributing on the team, let alone making the roster at all.

New York will bring Chris Smith (brother of NBA Sixth Man J.R. Smith) into training camp for the second straight year. Extending such an offer is perhaps more about actually pleasing the older Smith, rather than simply just being courteous to the younger one. Thus, it's well worth it.

Still, there have been other players brought in that haven't been as worthy of a shot. From local products like Brownlee and SUNY Farmingdale's A.J. Matthews, to a couple of guys that are friendly with Coach Mike Woodson's family (like Sean May and/or Eloy Vargas), one has to wonder if time is being well spent as the team approaches training camp.

With a few weeks still to go, it remains to be seen what exactly the Knicks' training camp roster will ultimately look like. Nevertheless, one can only hope it's filled with players who have the potential to go on and contribute, rather than those who are taking advantage of a favor.