Knicks Looking To Own/Operate Their Own D-League Team?

In their most recent proposal to take control of Nassau Coliseum, the Madison Square Garden Company suggests that in hopes of bringing higher level competition to Long Island, it's possible that a Knicks' affiliated NBA D-League team could potentially play there.

Such a proposal is merely a suggestion, which potentially leads to any amount of speculation in a variety of different directions. Still, the suggestion of a Knicks' D-League affiliate playing in Nassau County is an interesting concept.

That's because, at this time, the Knicks do not have a minor league franchise they can move and/or relocate. 

New York is currently entered into what's considered a hybrid affiliation with the Erie BayHawks. Though they are the only NBA team to be paired up with the BayHawks, the fact of the matter is the Knicks do not own the minor league organization. 

According to the hybrid affiliate agreement, executives from the Knicks' organization run basketball operations in Erie, but still allow more local officials to maintain ownership while handling business operations and community relations. 

Thus, in order to bring an NBA D-League squad to Long Island, the Knicks would need to either purchase the BayHawks or one of the three remaining multi-NBA team affiliate (or acquire the rights to a since defunct) NBADL organizations.

Such a trend is becoming an increasingly common one as of late, though New York appears confident and comfortable in their arrangement with the BayHawks and Erie's staff.

Nevertheless, the fact of the matter is in order to bring an NBA D-League team to a closer location like Nassau Coliseum, things would need to change. It'll be interesting to see if the Knicks go in such a direction. 

Thanks to @NetsDaily for the finger point to the link above.