Knicks Taking a Different Approach This Season

Unless one is in a rebuilding stage, an NBA team's obvious goal to begin each and every season is winning the NBA title.

As training camp approaches, however, it's clear the Knicks are taking a different approach to doing so. The mentality as to how to get there and put themselves in the best position to compete is different.

At media day last year, guys like Glen Grunwald and Mike Woodson stressed New York's experience heading into the new season. Poised to compete with the best of the best, the Knicks felt as though the players they reeled in the previous summer would help the team thrust into the postseason and do well, simply because such players had been there in the past.

That same experience the team chose to bring in was undoubtedly valuable, but the fact of the matter is most of those very same guys didn't have the proper stamina and/or conditioning to stand tall and keep going when it really mattered in the later months of the season.

Thus, it was important that the Knicks mix things up a bit this offseason, and aim to mesh some promising youthful talent with the already existing core group of veterans. What's more, New York is already thinking ahead and realizing it's smart to let some of the guys who have previously been banged up throughout their careers take it easy through the early days of training camp, and perhaps the season as well.

In a recent event for Under Armor, floor general Raymond Felton seemed to confirm that this was in fact the mentality heading into the new year. In addition, the guard also asserted that Amar'e Stoudemire has been siting out the team's preliminary scrimmages to start the fall. 

Given the fact that Stoudemire will already be on a minutes cap to begin the year, monitoring things early on and making sure he doesn't overexert himself should be a priority if the Knicks value any potential contribution from STAT going forward.

With training camp set to begin in just about a week now, it's good to see that the Knicks clearly understand what issues plagued them last season, and have done what they can to improve personnel wise. It'll be interesting to see how such acquisitions and new moves will translate into success as the season progresses.