More On Knicks’ Decision To Hire Steve Mills

The discussion has been ongoing, as the speculation, suggestions, assertions, etc. keep coming. Everyone and anyone has worked feverishly since Thursday while attempting to explain and/or justify the Knicks replacing Glen Grunwald as General Manager with Steve Mills. 

With the Knicks set not to comment and/or formally introduce Mills until Media Day on Monday morning, all this talk amongst everyone else is sure to continue.

Needless to say, the decision to hire Mills is much less surprising than the decision to actually remove Grunwald from such a post was.

Of course, many have suggested that the ousting of Grunwald means more power for Allan Houston, the Knicks' legend turned Assistant G.M. whom New York is suggestively grooming to take over the big job sometime soon.

I'd still have to disagree, to a large extent.

If the Knicks wanted Houston to serve as General Manager, they would have promoted him to such a role on Thursday. He may be the man with the plan for the future, but his time isn't exactly now. At least the Knicks don't think so.

James Dolan and company believe in Steve Mills' ability to keep Carmelo Anthony in the fold past this season, and are hopeful he can reel in other big names as well. I'm not going to be one to agree or disagree with such a belief at this point, but I'll certainly be yet another person to suggest such a belief is present.

New York wanted a new voice and a new presence in town that wasn't Grunwald's. That's evident. But to suggest that this move was made with Houston in mind is a bit naive. Such a move was about Mills, as much as it was about removing Grunwald, unfortunately. 

With talk about Mills being the right guy to lead the Knicks into the free agency periods of 2014 and/or 2015, New York clearly wants him on board for at least the next three years or so. They want Mills for Mills, not necessarily for the benefit of anyone else. 

An appointment of Houston would have been well received by fans, even considering Grunwald's removal. With Mills in place, Houston appears poised to fill a similar role. It's my belief that Mills will be involved much more so than others think. I'm not sure how that benefits Houston in the short-term scheme of things much more than working under Grunwald would have.

Thus, this move was made with Mills and/or Grunwald in mind, and not so much Houston.