Most Heartbreaking Moment for Knicks Last Season?

It may not be "Throwback Thursday," but today could certainly be a "Flashback Friday."

Forward James Johnson, who spent last season with Sacramento Kings, has reportedly agreed to join the Atlanta Hawks. He may not be a star or even a stud by any means, but the Knicks can't be happy about his move to the Eastern Conference. Here's why, if you don't recall.

It's safe to say Johnson isn't someone New York is looking forward to seeing more often. After being down more than 25 points in the first half, the Knicks clawed their way back to come within seconds of a spectacular comeback victory. With one shot from Johnson, all such hopes came crashing down. Such a three-point field goal was one of only two the forward hit from long range last season.

Excluding any and all postseason moments against the Pacers, was Johnson's dagger part of the most heartbreaking moment for the Knicks this past season? You can be your own judge, but I say it's up there for consideration.