Raymond Felton To Take More Of a Leadership Role Next Season?

While taking part in a basketball clinic for kids at St. John's University this past weekend, Raymond Felton spoke about his offseason and responded to the rivalry fighting words of new Brooklyn Nets' star Paul Pierce.

What's more, Felton asserted that the Knicks will begin going through their annual player-only workouts in early September, likely after Labor Day Weekend.

Upon re-joining the Knicks LAST summer, Felton hit the ground running by starting up private workouts with then teammate Steve Novak before the squad came together as a group later in the offseason. This year, Felton was poised to spend time in the Hamptons with Jason Kidd. Now, the future Hall of Famer is Brooklyn's head coach, so it's unknown if Felton went on to workout with any of his other teammates individually.

In any event, it seems as though Felton is truly ready to embrace a bit more of a leadership role with the Knicks this coming season. 

In a comeback year of sorts for him this past season, Felton stepped up for the Knicks in just about every aspect necessary. He was very solid, and perhaps even provided much more than many could have expected.

Still, he wavered due to injuries a bit, and his offense often disappeared when the good J.R. Smith came to play. This coming season needs to be the one where Felton proves he can be the Knicks' consistent secondary option on offense, much like he was Amar'e Stoudemire's right hand man during the point guard's first stint in the Big Apple. Finding a healthy mix of offense from the likes of Carmelo Anthony, Smith, and Felton on a consistent basis would do wonders for the Knicks.

As far as leadership is concerned, it would be interesting to see Felton step up as a more commanding voice in the locker room. Tyson Chandler's lacked presence during the postseason certainly showed.