Reaction to the Knicks’ Signing Beno Udrih

Despite already beginning to explore alternative and/or backup options like international stud Bobby Brown and Chris Duhon, the Knicks have, nevertheless. snagged a much more talented point guard to complete their floor general trio. Signing quite the remarkable player for an all the more tremendous value, New York agreed to a one-year contract with Beno Udrih for the veteran's minimum.

As the Knicks have been able to do with the likes of Metta World Peace, Kenyon Martin, and even Jeremy Tyler, they reeled in a player of Udrih's caliber for quite a bargain. Having split time between the Bucks and Magic last season, the 31 year old finished with averages of 8.2 points, 4.6 assists, and even shot 40% from behind the arc. Such numbers are also consistent with his career averages.

Able to provide his team with quality play through substantial minutes, it could be argued that Udrih is actually of NBA starting point guard caliber. Having said that, he'll join both Raymond Felton and Pablo Prigioni on the Knicks.

The good news, however, is that there is undoubtedly still a major role available for Udrih in the Big Apple. Coach Mike Woodson's method of madness (that included playing two of the team's point guards on the court at once multiple times) worked out quite well over and over. Taking advantage of the trio's veteran leadership, each one's mature instincts was continuously apparent, as well as often infectious, on the hardwood.

Taking the spot of the since retired Jason Kidd, Udrih stands to fit right in. Certainly one to pressure the ball and pester opponents from the get go (similarly to Prigioni), Udrih also has incredibly steady court vision. What's more, he's not afraid to shoot the ball, can knock down daggers from long range, and has no problem running the pick and roll effectively. 

He does everything (and more) that Coach Woodson and the Knicks seem to appreciate from their point guards. The former Kings' starting point guard is unquestionably better than any of the free agent point guards still left on the market. Even more promising, he's likely more talented than an array of the other floor generals that have been signed by other teams to more lucrative deals in the past few weeks.

In the Knicks, Udrih finds himself a team with reasonable championship aspirations. Clearly, this team is in "win now" mode, and by signing for the veteran's minimum, the guard has proven perhaps he shares such a mentality. New York will utilize his talents in unique ways that are different than opposing teams in the league.