Reaction To the Knicks Signing Josh Powell For Training Camp

Why not DeSagana Diop?

Seriously, that's my reaction to the Knicks signing Josh Powell to a training camp contract. As my buddy Seth Rosenthal says, Josh Powell is Josh Powell. There isn't anything particularly horrible about Powell, but there isn't particularly anything too special about him, either.

As far as a potential fourteenth or fifteenth player at the end of an NBA team's roster, Powell would be sufficient enough, because frankly, who isn't? That said, his failure to stick around with a team in the past is concerning. Powell is a serviceable big man, but there probably isn't much (left) to be intrigued about in him. I don't see him being as "strong" as some say he is, though he is still a decent rebounder.

Powell is 30 years old, which probably works in his favor with regard to potentially catching on with the Knicks. They like and value experience, rightfully so. But if that's the case, why didn't New York look to sign Diop to a training camp contract instead?

Of course, at 31 years old, it's very possible the Knicks could have indeed offered Diop such a contract and he simply declined. That said, if that's not the case, just how badly did the big man have to look (especially in comparison to Powell) for New York not to offer him a camp invite?

It's hard not to like Diop, if you take with a grain of salt (and consideration) what he has to offer NBA teams. What you see is what you get with Diop, but usually, whatever that is, is good enough. A very physical player, Diop can rebound the ball well and is probably an even better shot-blocker.

Perhaps what gives Diop an edge over Powell is his proven ability to stick with multiple teams over the years.  A thirteen year veteran of the NBA. the former has spent at least parts of four seasons with the Cavaliers, Mavericks, and most recently, the Bobcats.

For what it's worth, Diop has seemingly proven himself over the years, whereas Powell may have indeed proven himself to be the inferior player of the two. That said, as noted, the latter could have looked solid during the Knicks' free agent mini-camp last week. The last couple of years overseas could have really aided Powell's game. It'll be interesting watch him and find out.