Why Saying “No Comment” Would Probably Benefit Carmelo Anthony

It's the year 2013, and already, the rumors have begun to run ramped and the speculation as to where the likes of LeBron James and Carmelo Anthony will end up in 2014 or even 2015 has started.

Of course, the NBA and its massive passionate fan base have been through similar roller coasters before. Everyone wondered where James would end up in the summer 2010, and a similar band of curious spectators (of fans and media members alike) followed Anthony's every move leading up to the trading deadline of 2011.

Now just two and a half seasons into his Knickerbocker tenure, the rulers of rumor mansion have found Anthony yet again. Will he exercise his player option and return to the Knicks in 2014? Will he leave and become a member of the Lakers (and potentially re-join Mike D'Antoni…what?) in 2015? Such questions and more are already beginning to follow him.

In any event, such rumors are neither here or there. Any substantive content filled with speculation in the middle of August is simply just present to put forth a catchy headline and grab those who can be sucked in to read it. But as fate would have it, Anthony doesn't appear to be helping matters much. Instead, he's seemingly fanning the flames.

Though it wasn't the first time this summer that he addressed his future, Anthony spoke to reporters briefly during his summer camp at Queens College this past weekend. Among other things, the Knicks' star asserted (and/or acknowledged) that his "window" for bringing a championship to New York. 

Just 29 years of age, Anthony would still appear to be in his prime. Even as the years progress, he'll still be on the younger side as he goes through his early thirties. Could this "window" Anthony is talking about shut in either 2014 or 2015?

With the Knicks reportedly open to cleaning house and allowing Anthony to handpick his teammates in 2015, wouldn't a similar window to chase a championship open, rather than close, instead?

I'm not here to debate or speculate whether or not Anthony leaves the Knicks within the next two years. All that aside, it's apparent that he's opened up a different type of window from his answers to such questions, or lack there of as he beats around the bush. Without much of a filter, Anthony can sometimes be rather blatant with the media.

It'd be one thing for the Brooklyn native to put any rumors to bed by asserting he wants to be a New York Knick for the long haul right then and now. That'd be the easy and loyal thing to do. Then again, Anthony is his own man with a family to support and career aspirations within reach. He has the right to choose. 

But even if he's looking forward to simply exploring options, saying "no comment" or something to that effect would be much more appropriate. Anthony should put the lid on things by outright asserting he won't talk about it until it's time. 

Instead, by saying things like "we'll see," he leaves everyone else to speculate and ponder. He's not giving a definitive answer, nor is he attempting to ensure he doesn't make any suggestive comments. 

It's irrelevant whether or not Anthony is planning on exploring other options in the next year or two. That's his right. What matters is that right now, while still a New York Knick, he's not handling such speculation in the best of ways. It'd be smart to attempt to close the lid on things (for as long as possible and/or appropriate) so that similar rumors don't follow the Knicks and cloud their forthcoming season.