Would Adding Delonte West Fill a Void For the Knicks?

As the Knicks look to fill the void left by (now Nets' head coach) Jason Kidd, they're on the prowl for a third point guard to join the ranks of Raymond Felton and Pablo Prigioni.

In past years, not much thought and/or attention has needed to be given to filling out the roster and signing a player for such a position on New York's depth chart. That said, employing three quality floor generals worked out particularly well for the Knicks this past year. Coach Mike Woodson even often opted to play two out of the three together on the court at once, making that third man in such a point guard rotation all the more important. There are certainly enough minutes to go around.

With that in mind, the Knicks are looking for a quality player. But with only minimum contracts to offer, international stud Bobby Brown has been the most talked about potential option. 

Until now. As the NBA reaches the true dead of the offseason, New York has reportedly held preliminary discussions with Delonte West. Though no offers have been extended, all the Knicks have to offer, as noted, is a minimum contract.

The Knicks scouted West earlier this past season while he was playing for the Texas Legends of the NBA D-League. The veteran struggled in front of New York brass (and other NBA executives) in what was his minor league debut, but his play evened out as the weeks went on.

Still, it proved to be a song, skip, and a dance just to get West on the NBADL hardwood in the first place. His debut was delayed by weeks as he left and/or re-joined the Mavericks' D-League affiliate multiple times before finally opting to play.

The Knicks aren't strangers to employing controversial and/or radical players who have animated off-the-court backgrounds. If anything, Coach Woodson knows how to motivate guys like that and get them to buy into his system for team success and overall individual progress. As colorful as West's background may be (for better or for worse), perhaps New York would be able to capitalize on his talent and get him focused enough on being a valuable asset.

Whether or not that can be done remains to be seen, but if one thing is for sure, it's that West isn't much of a traditional floor general. He's much more of a combo guard. On one hand, that may be a plus, because he'll have to be comfortable playing alongside another point guard in the Knicks' rotation.

On the other hand, however, the team is in need of an unselfish player with intelligence and solid court vision. After all, they're looking to replace Kidd. 

West is fiery enough to run and gun a bit, and can undoubtedly help the Knicks spread the floor on offense. What's more, he garners a reputation as a more than steady enough defender. 

There are certainly plenty of pros with regard to the 30 year old's game. It's just a point of whether or not all of those are enough to outweigh the cons. Either way, as it stands now, most players who could potentially fill that third point guard void for the Knicks (and at the same time, still remain within New York's budget) are all seemingly combo-guards anyway. 

Taking that into consideration, perhaps West is at least worth talking to and/or exploring.