Carmelo Anthony Sets NBA All-Star Game Record in Win

Knicks' resident superstar Carmelo Anthony participated in the 2014 NBA All-Star Game on Sunday night, helping lead the Eastern Conference to a 163-155 victory over a Western Conference squad that was led by Kevin Durant and Blake Griffin, each of whom tallied 38 points a piece.

As usual, such a contest was filled with excitement, highlighted by a bevy of high-flying slams and alley-oops, as well as  some impressive heaves from downtown. En route to what proved to be the highest ever scoring mid-season classic game The Association has ever seen, a slew of other NBA All-Star records were also set.

Coincidentally enough, Anthony happened to lead that respective charge. Starting the All-Star game for a third time as a member of the Knicks, the forward caught hot early and never looked back. He helped pace the Eastern Conference in the early goings of the contest, and even when his team fell behind with time running out, Anthony managed to help lead the charge as the East came roaring back to secure the victory.

Anthony's 30 points in as many minutes proved to be the second highest on his team, second only to eventual M.V.P. award winner Kyrie Irving, who scored 31 points and dished out 14 assists.

Still, Anthony's evident offensive prowess helped him set an individual NBA All-Star Weekend record of his own. The Knickerbocker free agent to be converted on eight long balls from deep, including the dagger of all daggers that put the East ahead for good with just over a minute remaining in the game.

Anthony's points undoubtedly came in the flow of the offense. Both teams played an up-tempo style as they continued to run and gun towards the basket. The forward himself was an efficient as ever. He rose above and stepped into a role very similar to the one he served on the star-studded Team USA Olympics squad.

Needless to say, things come easy for Anthony if all he has to do is pull up for open three-point field goals again and again.

On Sunday night, he got into a nice rhythm, and managed to put on a nice show for the fans.