Did Carmelo Anthony Curse At Coach Woodson in Team Huddle?

Following the Knicks' commanding win over the Pacers on Wednesday night (the team's seventh straight), it appeared as though the home team still could not escape some cloud of negativity surrounding them.

There were murmurs that Carmelo Anthony and Coach Mike Woodson argued during a late-game timeout. The video below displays the very extent of the aforementioned dispute.

Alas, this wasn't an argument between the two. Instead, it would certainly appear though Anthony did interrupt Coach Woodson, his cursing is directed towards his teammates instead. 

Woodson needs all the support he can get right now, and losing that of Anthony doesn't exactly help his case with just weeks to go in the regular season. There's no denying that. He shouldn't be misdirecting a team's focus during a timeout like that. 

Sch an exchange doesn't exactly bode too well for Anthony, even if he were trying to make sort of point. Cursing at one's teammates, let alone interrupting the coach while he's trying to guide the team, is disrespectful. It's not the example one wants to be setting as a team leader, or better yet, a winning basketball player.

By the subsequent look on assistant coach Darrell Walker's face, the interaction was undoubtedly an awkward one, and Anthony was to blame.