Howard Stern Criticizes Jeff Van Gundy For Recent Comments at Knicks Game

On Tuesday night, the Atlanta Hawks suffered a surprising 102-95 loss to the Detroit Pistons, thus otherwise keeping the Knicks’ playoff hopes alive for the time being.

Still, with momentum not exactly on their side, the opportunity for the Knicks to propel past Atlanta and break into the postseason is a slim one at best.

New York does not play again until Friday, so in the meantime, let’s look at something a bit more humorous to provide some levity.

Last week, former Knicks’ head coach Jeff Van Gundy served as an analyst alongside Mike Breen during a Knicks game broadcast on ESPN. Not one to hold back, Van Gundy began to observe and criticize the handful of celebrities attempting to leave early as the game broke open.

Howard Stern happened to be one of those very stars who found himself to be “under fire.”

A true media mogul with a multitude of platforms to potentially bark back, Stern took advantage of such an opportunity on his SiriusXM radio show. He certainly seemed to have taken exception with some of the coach’s comments. Take a listen below to hear Stern’s harsh words for Van Gundy.


For what it’s worth, Stern is a well known staple at The Garden, who often appears on celebrity row. Seemingly a true and passionate fan (one who certainly has a loud bark and a notable platform to let it be heard quite prominently, for that matter), perhaps he wasn’t the ideal celebrity to target.

It’ll be interesting to see if Van Gundy will have any other choice words to follow.