Knicks Dismantled and Demoralized By Nets

If the Nets were hoping to humiliate the Knicks at home on Monday afternoon, then they successfully achieved what they were trying to do.

Brooklyn pummeled New York by a score of 103-80, looking like a far more dominant team in a matchup between two of the league's most underwhelming squads this season. What's more, what should cause the Knicks to hang their heads even further in shame is the fact that the Nets didn't even play sound basketball for a full 48 minutes.

In the early goings of the game, both teams were struggling mightily, playing sloppily with the ball and hoisting up unnessary and/or unfortunate shots. But in a game of two losers, the Nets broke through to take control and emerge victorious.

Such a loss should be even more frustrating for the Knicks, because not only is this a game they should've had, but could have had as well. The contest was theirs for the taking, evidenced by the early struggles of the Nets as well. But New York simply couldn't capitalize.

The Knicks failed to take care of the ball, didn't display an ounce of confidence nor assertiveness, and even missed some simple yet key free throws as well. 

Pablo Prigioni coming back into New York's lineup should have been a plus, especially when going up against a Jason Kidd coached squad. Instead, throwing another player worthy of quality minutes into the mix proved to be too much for Coach Mike Woodson to handle. The Knicks' ship captain looks lost. He's guiding his men on a voyage down the darkest of paths. At this point, there appears to be no turning back.

For a team like the Nets to outplay the Knicks, outsmart them and evade them on multiple occasions throughout the contest, is unacceptable. New York does not stand tall as a team in sync ready to achieve success. Coach Woodson is to blame for that.

On Monday, there were loud chants as fans moaned for the coach's ousting. Such taunting may not be necessary, but the fact remains that the man has a job to do. At this point, he's failing miserably. There's no need to taunt, but such a removal is essential. That is, of course, if the Knicks cares to salvage the season at all in hopes of remaining competitive.

If that's the ultimate goal, it doesn't appear as though such a one can be achieved with Woodson in charge.