Heads To Sunny Skies of Aruba

On the eve of Super Bowl Sunday, the Knicks failed to put up much of a fight against LeBron James and the defending NBA champion Miami Heat. New York lost by a score of 106-91 as they saw their previously promising four game winning streak snapped and tossed to the side like a twig.

And though the big game will take place in the Big Apple this year, the Knicks won't have the opportunity to enjoy it. They'll instead venture out to Milwaukee to take on the Bucks amid the freezing cold temperatures. From there, they'll return to the wintery weather back home for a couple of important matchups this week.

And while the Knicks may have to bundle up next week, we here at are escaping to the sunny skies of Aruba for the next few days.

In any event, stay warm and let's go Knicks! We'll return shortly.