More News on the Phil Jackson to Knicks Front

Following their victory over the Celtics on Wednesday night, the Knicks are now winners of five straight games.

Now just three games behind the final playoff spot in the Eastern Conference, are things finally looking up for New York? Will they be able to build on such momentum? If they make the postseason as a lower seed, will it matter — will they make any noise? And despite the latest success, will the expected fan rally (or protest, rather) still take place in front of Madison Square Garden on March 19th?

All of these are certainly valid questions, but none of them appear to weight heavier on anyone's mind more than this one: when will Phil Jackson join the Knicks?

Of course, it's been reported that such an addition is in fact not a matter of if, but simply when. Carmelo Anthony has since confirmed he's been told the same. 

Our good pal Howard Beck, along with Ric Bucher, share their thoughts on the likely hiring here. Simply put: there are no guarantees Jackson will succeed. 

According to a recent interview with the Celtics' President, he asserts that such a hiring would only give his team more reason to dislike the Knicks….okay, then.

Coach Mike Woodson, for one, believes hiring Jackson would be a "good" move, according to ESPN New York. 

And last, but not least, our buddy Seth Rosenthal goes ahead and says exactly what is on everyone's mind. Take a look here.