Report: Knicks Not Looking to Overpay for Steve Kerr

Though Steve Kerr is likely to be hired as the next head coach of the New York Knicks by President Phil Jackson, there’s still that pesky ole’ thing, also known as a contract, to negotiate  before hand.

And though Kerr, poised to be a first-time head coach in the Big Apple, was initially said to be looking for a Mike D’Antoni-esque type deal, the Knicks have hesitations.

Hesitation, at this point in the game, is good. That’s healthy. It’s more about being careful than overcommitting. According to Yahoo! Sports, New York has been “slow to overpay” Kerr. 

As steady of a fit as Kerr may be while preaching Jackson’s triangle offense, emerging as a successful head coach comes down to much more than that. There’s pressure from the media, bigger egos to deal with, etc. The former NBA sharpshooter is likely to learn more as he goes along, which is why not overpaying him is key.

Providing him with such an opportunity, along a decent enough contract, should go a long way. Whether that is enough, or if Kerr’s representatives remains stickler with regard to contract terms, remains to be seen.