Should Phil Jackson Be Credited With “Building” Teams?

On Tuesday, the Knicks are set to introduce former Big Apple staple and thirteen-time NBA champion Phil Jackson as its newest head of basketball operations. And though New York has recently revved things up on the court (the team has now won six straight in rather assertive fashion), the team's future is still in doubt.

To help the organization see and/or realize the light at the end of the tunnel, they believe Jackson stands tall as the man with the plan. Though the NBA legend has never served a team in an executive role before, this appointment is poised to be a positive one for many reasons.

Jackson knows what it takes to win, having achieved great success as both a player and coach. There's no doubt and/or denying that. What's more, he knows how to win on bright stages in big markets. New York. Chicago. Los Angeles. Having coached some of the game's biggest stars of all-time, he knows how to manage larger than life personalities. And perhaps most importantly, Jackson is one of the very select few people to understand what it takes to win a championship as a member of the New York Knicks.

His experience is invaluable.

Prior to hitting their stride with this most recent winning streak, it could have also been heavily argued that the Knicks' fan base was in need of a big splash (like the hiring of Jackson), simply so that it could maintain faith in the organization's ability to create something positive in town.

That said, it's what Jackson lacks that may be may be most concerning: his very lack of experience in the field of which he's about to enter: the front office.

One has to hope that much of Jackson's on the court experience (as a coach included) will translate in a number of ways off of it. Knowing how to manage and/or motivate different personalities will certainly come into play when recruiting athletes to venture out to the Big Apple to don orange and blue.

While Jackson may indeed go on to be successful, can he be credited with "building" the teams of which he's previously coached? I'm not so sure about that. Still, Knicks resident star Carmelo Anthony recently praised the incoming legend for as much when asked about his likely arrival. 

It'll be interesting to see if Jackson can make a positive enough impact to ensure he earns and/or lives up to the praise Anthony is choosing to dole upon him.