Why Doesn’t Mike Woodson Want to Meet With Phil Jackson?

On Friday, reports surfaced from ESPN via the likes of Stephen A. Smith and Ian Begley asserting that Knicks’ head coach Mike Woodson wishes not to meet with Phil Jackson in person to discuss his potential future employment.

Instead, the coach wants to know what’s going on, first. There’s a decision to be made regarding Woodson’s job-security, or instead, the lack of it. Before he meets with Knicks’ brass, Woodson has requested that Jackson reach out to the former’s agent regarding his fate before the two meet.

It’s difficult to decipher what the strategy and Woodson’s line of thinking may be here. How does not meeting with Jackson benefit Woodson at all? Such a meeting would likely give Jackson more of an opportunity to get a feel for the coach. What’s more, the interaction could prove to benefit Woodson as well. It would be here where the coach could further plead his case and assert why he deserves to continue.

Instead, Woodson appears to be shooting himself in the foot. If the team’s record and/or the progress the Knicks made this past season (or lack there of), is all Jackson has to go on moving forward, then Woodson is as good as gone.

At media day this past fall, Steve Mills’ first move as President of Basketball Operations for the Knicks (a position he obviously no longer holds) was extending Coach Woodson’s contract through next season. Following a 54-win year and an Atlantic Division title, he was certainly deserving. No one could have predicted quite how this past season was going to play out.

Should refusing to attend such a meeting be grounds for New York to look into voiding that very contract? Given that his employment would appear to be the very subject of the potential meeting, perhaps maybe so.

In any event, it would seem as though meeting with Jackson remains in Woodson’s best interests as well. He just doesn’t understand that.

For what’s it’s worth, the two reportedly spoke on the phone on Friday evening.