Why Oscar Robertson Is Wrong to Think Carmelo Anthony Should Leave Knicks

When Phil Jackson was hired by the Knicks to take over as President of Basketball Operations, some were concerned over his credentials (or lack there of). Despite having a proven track record as a player and coach, does Jackson have what it takes to build a winner behind the scenes?

Such a question (or subsequent argument that someone like Jackson isn’t qualified enough) is raised quite often across NBA circles when a team makes such a hire.

For what’s it’s worth, it’d be safe to argue that NBA legend Oscar Robertson doesn’t exactly have what it takes either, if ever so desired.

In a recent interview on SiriusXM, the former floor general emphatically asserted his belief that Carmelo Anthony should leave the Knicks, but it appeared to be for all the wrong reasons:

Robertson said Anthony should join the Rockets, but appeared to only to believe so because the team would then have the most evident talent, perhaps on paper.

What’s more, the legend believed that Anthony has been the scapegoat for previous failures in both Denver and New York. If he remains in the Big Apple, Robertson believes the resident star will continue to be blamed for whatever struggles the Knicks endure.

Clearly, this past season wasn’t Anthony’s fault by any means. Still, it goes without saying (or so it should) that there’s a cause for concern over the fact that the forward has not emerged as a proven winner in the playoffs over the course of his decade long career, regardless of who made up his supporting cast.

In closing, Robertson took cheap shots at Jackson for not only accepting a contract for so much money himself, but also for suggesting Anthony take less this summer to attract others to the Knicks in the near future.

This all appears a bit strange, as Robertson’s remarks all seem to be unwarranted and/otherwise unprovoked. But he’s passionate, nonetheless.