Keith Schlosser Joining SNY’s as Lead Writer

In early 2010, I joined the Knicks blogosphere with the introduction of Though at the time, New York was struggling through the season while being led by the likes of David Lee, Chris Duhon, and Toney Douglas, the future was filled with promise. There were huge question marks surrounding the team’s future plans, but […]

Does Knicks’ Head Coaching Choice Matter to Carmelo Anthony?

Earlier this offseason, Phil Jackson met with Carmelo Anthony over dinner; not to get the superstar’s thoughts on the Knicks’ head coaching search, but rather to outline his plan to hire Steve Kerr. Of course, the former Bulls sharpshooter opted to join the Golden State Warriors instead, leaving Jackson and co. to revert back to […]

Former Spurs Champion Jaren Jackson Reflects On Playing the Knicks

With the offseason officially here, Phil Jackson’s quest to fix the Knicks and right the ship can finally begin. And though much of Jackson’s success has come on the coaching front, there’s no doubt the Hall of Famer will take pride in ensuring basketball greatness returns to the Big Apple. After all, Jackson himself was […]

Should Trading Raymond Felton Be a Top Priority for Knicks?

After losing out on Steve Kerr, the New York Knicks remain without a head coach at the helm. What’s more, heading into this summer’s free agency period, there are still multiple question marks surrounding Carmelo Anthony’s continued tenure in orange and blue. Needless to say, there are quite a few pressing matters on the plate […]

Why Phil Jackson Likely Prefers a Younger Coach to Guide New York Knicks

Steve Kerr. Derek Fisher. Luke Walton. Mark Madsen. Such names aren’t likely to headline just any NBA team’s head coaching search, but as fate would have it, such guys have all emerged as candidates for the Knicks. And though Kerr has since come to an agreement with the Golden State Warriors, the rest still remain. […]

Report: Knicks Exploring Options After Losing Out On Steve Kerr

Steve Kerr shocked the entire NBA landscape on Wednesday night (for better or for worse), when he accepted a five-year offer from the Golden State Warriors (for $25 million) to become the team’s next head coach. As such, he subsequently turned his back on Phil Jackson and the Knicks. Now, President Jackson and co. are […]

Do the Knicks Still Have Any Leverage Negotiating With Steve Kerr?

With Stan Van Gundy accepting a lucrative deal from the Detroit Pistons to become the team’s next head coach and President of Basketball Operations, the Golden State Warriors have lost out on one of their most desired coaching candidates. As such, the wheels have been set in motion for Golden State to make one final […]

Report: Knicks Not Looking to Overpay for Steve Kerr

Though Steve Kerr is likely to be hired as the next head coach of the New York Knicks by President Phil Jackson, there’s still that pesky ole’ thing, also known as a contract, to negotiate  before hand. And though Kerr, poised to be a first-time head coach in the Big Apple, was initially said to […]

What Qualifies Steve Kerr As a Strong Head Coaching Candidate?

From day one, Steve Kerr has widely been considered Phil Jackson’s top choice as the next head coach of the New York Knicks. The past few weeks have subsequently resulted in Kerr’s name getting attached to multiple coaching vacancies around the league, including those of the Warriors, Jazz, and Lakers. Though veteran coaches like George […]

Is Steve Kerr Using Knicks to Garner Interest From Other NBA Teams?

Since the very moment Phil Jackson assumed duties as the Knicks’ President of Basketball Operations, rumors have swirled surrounding multiple potential Bulls reunions to be had in the Big Apple. The likes of Ron Harper, Jim Cleamons, and Bill Cartwright have all been the subjects of rumors surrounding such hirings. That said, no potential hire […]

Michael Rapaport Wants Mark Jackson As Next Head Coach of Knicks

For weeks now, five-time NBA champion and current TNT analyst Steve Kerr has been considered the favorite to reunite with former Bulls coach Phil Jackson and assume head coaching duties for the Knicks in the near future. But the Golden State Warriors’ ousting of coach Mark Jackson has put a potential wrench into such plans. […]

Carmelo Anthony & Amar’e Stoudemire Attend Met Gala

Though the Knicks’ offseason arrived much sooner than anyone could have hoped and/or anticipated, there’s no denying the biggest stars who don orange and blue enjoy embracing the Big Apple, its overall culture, as well as fashion during their free time. The likes of Carmelo Anthony, Amar’e Stoudemire, and Tyson Chandler have all made their […]

Former Knicks Guard Chris Duhon Takes Coaching Job With Dan D’Antoni

During the 2008-09 and 2009-10 seasons, Chris Duhon served as starting point guard of the New York Knicks. His tenure was in the midst a transitional period for the team, during which they struggled to remain competitive while waiting for cap flexibility to come the Big Apple’s way in the summer of 2010. The guard’s […]

Report: Joakim Noah Still Trying to Recruit Carmelo Anthony

Though Phil Jackson met with Carmelo Anthony this past week over dinner to discuss his free agency and some of the Knicks’ offseason plans, he isn’t the only one who has the star’s ear. According to a report, Bulls’ center Joakim Noah has remained in touch with Carmelo Anthony all throughout the season and playoffs, […]