CBA Agreement Was Closer Than You Think?

After the dust cleared on Monday night, the NBA and its Players Union emerged only to announce that no deal on a new CBA could be reached.
The first two weeks of the NBA were subsequently cancelled, with David Stern saying he did not believe the games would be made up and/or sprinkled back into the schedule at a later time.
It’s clear that frustration between the two sides has been mounted for months, with neither seemingly ready to budge. Many believe that with the two sides so far apart, the entire season could be in jeopardy of being lost.
Even with all this doubt, Players Union Chief Billy Hunter appeared on New York’s WFAN only to suggest that the two sides were closer on a deal than many may think.
“We thought we could live with the deal we were close to making,” Hunter insisted.
“Close” is not a word that has been used in quite some time by either side, so Hunter’s statement oozes with optimism, considering all the negativity and suggestions of little to no progress during the meetings thus far.
Though fresh out the gate of Monday’s most recent failed meeting, the two sides were not expected to meet for a while, they have agreed to talk with a federal mediator present this coming Tuesday.
Commissioner Stern will also appear on WFAN later today, so it will be interesting to see if he responds to Hunter’s comments.