Ronny Turiaf To Play With Tony Parker in France During NBA Lockout?

Though certain American NBA players are hesitant to make the transition to play internationally during the lockout, the switch comes naturally to the league’s foreign players who call other countries home and/or have played elsewhere in the past.
Ronny Turiaf (originally from Martinique) the Knicks’ French center, will reportedly join good friend and Spurs’ guard Tony Parker to play for ASVEL in France.
Parker, who is actually a part-owner and acts as VP of Basketball Operations for ASVEL, recently made his playing debut for the team, committing 7 turnovers by also scoring 21 points and dishing out 6 assists as he led the squad to a narrow first victory.
Turiaf is no stranger to international ball, as he recently teamed up with Parker and others on the French National Team this past summer.
The oft-injured center happened to fracture his left hand during international play, so despite an NBA-out and insured contract, his participation may be concerning for Knicks fans.
At the same time, if Turiaf can stay healthy enough, playing for ASVEL may serve as a very competitive type of rehab leading into any forthcoming NBA training camp.
The fact that he would playing with a point guard of Parker’s caliber may also aid Turiaf offensively, so his skills on the other side of the ball may even be featured more so during international play. Staying healthy is seemingly a big “if” for him, but the move appears to be beneficial otherwise.
Even so, the center has bounced back from numerous injuries before, so fans should not be overly concerned. The opportunity proves to be an exciting one for Turiaf given the lockout.
Good luck to Ronny and more on his progress as he begins to play! He is set to join the team on Wednesday.