Former Knick Charles Oakley Gets First Win in Charlotte

Charles Oakley, the former Knick who loved to do the dirty work on both ends of the court, is back on an NBA bench.

Although Oakley campaigned to continue to play in the NBA through his forties, his new gig is as an assistant coach for the Charlotte Bobcats under interim head coach Paul Silas.

The former defensive grinder, along with the rest of the Bobcats’ new coaching staff (in place after former head coach Larry Brown stepped down just days ago) led the team to a 105-100 victory over the Pistons in their first game last night.

After lobbying for a job with the Knicks for quite a while, as he told Knicks Journal just a couple months ago, Oakley finally received a break from best buddy Michael Jordan and the Bobcats. He will look to spread some of his toughness throughout the team.

Despite having no prior coaching experience, one thing’s for sure, he’s certain to carry himself with the same intensity he did as a player, as evidenced in the picture above.

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