Memorial Day Weekend Knicks Links

Happy Memorial Day, Knicks fans! Let’s keep things and simple see what others are saying about the team during the first few dark days of an all too early offseason. Wondering what some of the Knicks are up to this holiday weekend? We’ve got you covered with the links below.

Because the Knicks’ season has come to a close much earlier than most people expected, that means Glen Grunwald can’t waste any time going back to the drawing board. With the NBA Draft now less than a month away, the executive’s first line of action will be seeking potential improvement via a young gun or two. My buddy Tommy Dee of TKB shares a couple of his early ideas here.

Aside from the draft, where do the Knicks go from here? With the team constructed the way it is now, how much room is there for improvement? The always reliable Howard Megdal explains why standing pat with who they have may be a more likely option for New York.

Should keeping those who are already in the fold be the Knicks’ plan of action, it’ll be important to reel back in restricted free agent Pablo Prigioni, who was key to the team’s steady late season run. With that in mind, my fellow SB Nation blogger Seth Rosenthal highlights the Argentine’s offseason desires here.

As for what the Knicks have been up to lately, Iman Shumpert recently took time out to hang out with Knicks great Anthony Mason and his son, who celebrated a birthday this month.  

Shump also ran into longtime comedian Sinbad, while they both appear to have been vacationing in Aruba. 

Also taking a few days off from the daily grind following a disappointing offseason is J.R. Smith, who was photographed here wearing those capri-like pants that guys like Tim Duncan and Dwyane Wade have been seen sporting during the playoffs. I don’t get it.

As Shumpert and Smith each get away for a few days, a pair of their Knickerbocker teammates, Chris Copeland and James White, appear to be in the early planning phases of an offseason getaway of their own.

That’s all for now…enjoy the rest of the holiday weekend!