Knicks’ Derrick Brown Working Hard to Improve His Game During Lockout

When the Knicks acquired young gun Derrick Brown midway through last season, many were unaware of how good he could be and/or what role he would play on the team.
Known for his athleticism and ability to slash his way to the basket, Brown rode the bench for much of his time with the Knicks, but did get some minutes towards the end of the season while the team rested its stars closer to the playoffs.
During his limited opportunity, Brown excited Knicks fans, powering home some high-powered slams as he flew to the basket. His potential is undoubtedly present.
That said, one skill every player needs to hone while playing for Coach Mike D’Antoni is the ability to shoot a consistent jump shot, and although his time on the court was scarce, Brown did not demonstrate an effective jumper.
He used his time to show he could attack the basket with aggression, which was impressive (and enough for the Knicks to extend a qualify offer to him this summer), but the next step for Brown is developing a steady catch and shoot motion. And that’s exactly what’s he doing.
During the lockout, Brown is taking advantage of his “free” time, working out with “Accelerate Basketball” in North Carolina. As he says in the clip above, Brown is not only throwing up shots all over the court, but he perhaps more importantly working on sinking jumpers after fatigue begins to set in.
Doing this will not only improve his consistency, but will also make it easier for him pull up for a jumper whether he is running on tired legs or not. Practicing with fatigue will certainly prove to make your jumper even more fluent when you are fresh and ready to go as well.
See below as Brown goes through a shooting drill with former Bobcats teammates Matt Caroll, Gerald Henderson, Warriors’ star Stephen Curry, and NBA veteran Antawn Jamison.