NBA Players Are Out and About During Fashion Week

A year ago today, NBA players were less than two weeks away from beginning training camp, catching up with teammates, entertaining questions from the media, and more.
All that will be delayed, however, as the focus today is still making progress on an agreement for a new CBA.
Be it a positive or a negative factor, this extended off-season (otherwise known as the NBA lockout) has given players an opportunity to experience different off-the-court ventures and events.
Take Knicks’ captain Amar’e Stoudemire for example. The six-time NBA all-star has reached agreements to work with “Scholastic” on a series of children’s books, as well as blog and provide content for a major online sports network.
In addition, he recently announced a new clothing line with fashion designer and business partner Rachel Roy. That is exactly why STAT (along with a number of NBA stars) has been heavily involved in Fashion Week in New York City. His new collaboration debuted this week and will be available to all of the fine females this coming fall.
The Knicks’ own Carmelo Anthony, though, has bested STAT, as well as the likes of Dwyane Wade and Chrish Bosh, according to The New York Times“Off the Runway” blog.
After ‘Melo was awarded the “gold star” for his attendance at various runways, “The Basketball Jones” quipped,

“Congratulations to Carmelo Anthony on his first championship since his year at Syracuse. In a fashion-forward league like the NBA, being the guy who went to the most fashion shows during New York Fashion Week is a huge deal. (Not really.) Sources say Chris Bosh was in tears following the crushing loss.

Between Carmelo’s gold star and Amar’e Stoudemire’s women’s line, the Knicks are dominating basketball’s fashion scene. The only concern now is whether of not there are enough shots thimbles to go around.”

In any event, fashion seems to be an ever-growing interest of NBA players as of late, and perhaps it’s smart for designers to pick up on the players’ status as national icons to better promote their own brands. For STAT and ‘Melo (and the designers who collaborate with/dress them), there’s surely an open door for opportunity to thrive in the heart of New York City.

“Knicks Journal” is going with the flow of this seemingly popular trend. I’ll be live tonight at former NBA star Kevin Willis’ fashion show to launch his own lifestyle collection (seemingly catered to past and present NBA players) for men 6’3″ and taller. Knicks’ greats John Starks, Charles Oakley, and NBA commissioner David Stern are scheduled to be in attendance.