NBA Labor Talks Steamroll On Into Thursday

Despite the fact that the NBA set had a 5pm EST deadline on Wednesday for the Players Union to accept its latest offer (a 50-50 BRI split with a tighter/restricted system for the players), the two sides instead continued to negotiate Wednesday, with discussions lasting well into Thursday morning.

With ultimatums previously looming, many have to be thinking it be a positive notion that the two sides have continued to talk, being open to tweaking offers and working towards essentially playing some form of an NBA season. Though no significant progress was admitted to or for that matter, denied, talks will resume 12PM EST today.

Many sources told reporters that the negotiations have had the same dragged on, monotonous, feel to them as usual, which may allude to little progress being made. Neither side would confirm or deny that, but Commissioner David Stern did say the league chose to continue negotiating (as opposed to imposing its ultimatum) “to demonstrate our good faith.”

Stern has been given permission by the owners to tweak their existing offer when and if he sees fit. The Players Union (though previously standing firm at a requested 51-49 BRI split) are reportedly using its willingness to accept a 50-50 split as a bargaining chip to receive compromises on a better system in return.