Knicks Journal Welcomes Back Its Readers!

Are you as excited as Spike to finally watch Knicks basketball again?!
After five months of what has become one of the longest summers for NBA fans, prayers have been answered, and everyone will be treated to a Christmas gift in the form of opening day games on December 25th.
By now you’ve heard the news that the NBA will officially lift its lockout and pump out a 66 game season, which will include 48 same conference games and 18 games against teams in the opposing conference for NBA teams.
While fans have simply been anxiously waiting for the season to finally begin, the players and the NBA have been working diligently to make sure a fair deal on a new CBA was accomplished for both sides. Specifics are still oozing out on the newly formed CBA, and rather than dive into the details just yet, let’s take a look at some of the best links around the web exploring some bits and pieces of the (end of the) NBA lockout, as well as the most sizzling rumors surrounding the upcoming season.
For starters, ESPN New York takes an in-depth look at some of the more crucial provisions in the new CBA, such as the new Mid-level Exception, the “stretch” and “room” exceptions, as well as the “amnesty clause,” which was famously first coined “The Allan Houston Rule,” though the clause was almost just as famously NOT used on Houston. How do all of these things affect the Knicks’ future plans? Click above to find out.
So, what about the Knicks future plans? Dating back to (then Denver Nuggets’ star) Carmelo Anthony’s wedding, rumors that a “Big Three” of Amar’e Stoudemire, ‘Melo, and Chris Paul joining forces in New York have buzzed aloud for well over a year now. With a shortened season upcoming, 2012 free agency seems closer than ever, and speculation is abundant as its ever been.
The rumors are not only surrounding Paul and his fellow upcoming free agents, but also the teams likely to vie for their talents as well. Should a team like the Knicks accomplish the feat of landing Paul with their available cap space, what will come of some of their key role players who could stand to receive a bigger payday in the near future? Is there enough money to go around? My pal Tommy Dee from “The Knicks Blog” breaks down how New York may just be able to bring back one of their younger studs, along with Paul.
Are you one of those fans that just HATES rumors? Do you prefer to just cheer on whoever currently dons orange and blue and tune out everything else? The always humorous Seth Rosenthal at “Posting & Toasting” gives fans a peak at which of the Knicks’ own free agents could be returning this season.
Regardless of what happens, who will be the man calling all the shots for the Knicks, now that Donnie Walsh is no longer team president? Alan Hahn has your answer to that question.
Hope you can all stay busy with this for now. On that note, the staff at Knicks Journal would like to thank all of its readers for standing by during the tedious lockout. We’ve shown our appreciation too, providing as much content as possible throughout before taking a short break through the November holidays. Make no mistake, with the NBA season so close that you can taste it, the coverage here will not cease!
Check back tomorrow for some original content and a curious look at which two former Knicks could be donning orange and blue once again in the near future.
The staff at Knicks Journal will be looking to expand in preparation for the upcoming season. If you are interested in contributing content this season, be it as an editorial writer or videographer, contact us on Twitter @KnicksJournal.