Happy Father’s Day: New York Knicks Edition

Happy Father’s Day, everyone!

Though we’re two people with very realistic expectations for the Knicks, about a month and a half ago, my father and I were marveling at the fact that around Father’s Day this year, the Knicks could still be playing basketball…potentially competing in a heated NBA Finals matchup. Perhaps we’d be watching.

Of course, such a feat is one that wasn’t (and perhaps wasn’t expected to be) reached, but the fact that we could be suggesting the idea with just weeks to go proved how much further Knicks had gotten this season than in over a decade.

Let’s keep things simply today and look at a few of links that merge this holiday and some Knicks news relatively nicely.

Speaking of fathers, Patrick Ewing Jr. isn’t happy his dad hasn’t been offered a head coaching job yet.

Allan Houston continues to be a big advocate of fatherhood through his foundation, and on this special day, my buddy Ian Begley from ESPN New York has the scoop as to how the Knicks’ legend and Assistant General Manager continues to make an impact with local families.

And if you’re someone who, like me, enjoys bonding with their father over some Knicks basketball, you’ll enjoy this unique prospective written by a Knicks fan, via his dad.

Finally, a throwback! Back in 2011, KnicksJournal.com spoke to Amar’e Stoudemire for an exclusive interview upon the (former) Knicks’ star receiving a Father’s Day related award.