How Does All the Doc Rivers Speculation Impact the Knicks?

The Knicks had a very promising season, largely in part due to the fact that Mike Woodson led his team and helped them achieve a handful of different things that hadn’t been achieved in years.

An Atlantic Division title, fifty-plus wins, and a playoff series’ victory were all among those many things.

But even so, when the pressure was on in the postseason, the Knicks were supposed to have bigger fish to fry. An Eastern Conference Finals’ matchup with the Miami Heat was expected to occur. Having accomplished so much to that point already, New York was expected to capitalize on such momentum (and not to mention, a tremendously talented roster) and rise to the occasion.

Unfortunately, they didn’t. Blame can be placed on Carmelo Anthony for not stepping up against Indiana, and it can also be placed on the likes of Tyson Chandler and J.R. Smith, who failed to emerge as the key supporting cast-members they were all season long.

Ironically enough, however, all of that could have been overcome if Woodson was quick to make the necessary adjustments to keep his team alive. He wasn’t, and they couldn’t.

So that’s why despite everything they accomplished this past season, the Knicks should still have a relatively conservative leash when it comes to Woodson’s future. He did well, but not well enough. With an older squad, time isn’t on New York’s side. If a better coaching candidate comes along, the team would have to keep an open mind about making a change that would clearly put the franchise in a better position.

All of this Doc Rivers leaving Boston speculation has fueled such a fire in my mind even more. My pal Tommy Dee and I discussed it at lunch last week, and if you click here, my buddy elaborates on the idea even further at TKB.

It may be all but a pipe dream, especially with Rivers potentially headed to Los Angeles to join the Clippers. Even so, my friend Ian Begley of ESPN New York took things in a different direction, suggesting such a change would help the Knicks regardless. Take a look.

That’s all I’ve got for now. What do you think of all the Rivers speculation? Would he help the Knicks? Does Woodson deserve to go if Rivers were to become available? Let me know on Twitter @KnicksJournal.