Isiah Thomas Is Still Talking About The Knicks For Some Reason

It’s peculiar that Isiah Thomas is still talking about Knicks basketball at this point in time. It’s even weirder that some people (apparently those who write for publications) care so much to hear his opinion.

Thomas has “friends” in the Knicks’ organization, from owner James Dolan, to college buddies Glen Grunwald and Mike Woodson. Being friendly on a personal and leisurely level is cool, but I have really close friends whose opinion I just don’t seek out on a professional level. Sometimes it’s not best to mix business with pleasure.

Aside from all the bad press associated with Thomas the Knicks, he didn’t exactly do the greatest job while in office, anyway. He has an eye for young talent when it comes to drafting, but clearly, hadn’t cracked the code as to how to retain and/or acquire the same young talent that caught his eye.

Instead, Thomas handicapped the Knicks financially and limited their flexibility for improvement. Donnie Walsh came in and untied all the messy knots, and between the Brooklyn native and Glen Grunwald, New York has gone on to achieve things that haven’t been accomplished in years. They still have their respective woes and voids to fill, but there’s potential to build on the momentum the Knicks put together this past season.

Still, Thomas still finds the need to comment and suggest he knows the remedy for all the team’s woes, even if the Knicks don’t really need much fixing anyway.

On the heels of the Spurs receiving key contributions from the likes of Danny Green, Kawhi Leonard, and Gary Neal in the NBA Finals, Thomas asserted he believes the Knicks need to go a bit younger. After watching them fizzle out in the postseason, that’s nothing anybody else couldn’t easily figure out.

Ironically enough though, there are 28 other teams in the league (not named the Spurs or Heat) that could benefit from the types of foundations either first-place finisher has put in place. It’s not rocket science. Both of those teams are in The Finals, and the other 28 that aren’t could pick up on a couple of different things the Spurs/Heat do to get them to that next level.

Thomas says the Knicks could benefit from following the Spurs’ model for success, which could be true. But clearly, New York aimed to take a page out of Miami’s book this past year. It just didn’t work out quite like everyone else had planned.