What Does Doc’s Return to Boston Mean for Knicks?

Celtics coach Doc Rivers has hinted and said at this present time (though noting his feeling could change as soon as tomorrow) he is leaning towards returning to coach the team next season.
There has been a lot of speculation as to who the Knicks coach will be after Mike D’Antoni’s contract is up next season, and as a former Knick, defensive preacher and NBA champion, Rivers’ name has came up in quite a few conversations as a potential D’Antoni-replacement.
Rivers has been mulling taking a year off from the game to spend more time with his family. Taking the upcoming season off would have made the 2012-13 season an opportune one for Rivers to step in as Knicks coach.
However, if he continues with the Celtics, Rivers may be more inclined to take the following season off instead and miss the opportunity to take charge of the Knicks. If Rivers is not available at the time of D’Antoni’s contract expiration, the Knicks could opt to re-sign D’Antoni or be forced to give a more long-term commitment to a new coach instead.
Despite a somewhat disappointing second-round playoff exit, perhaps Rivers believes the Celtics’ window to win another championship can still pick up some steam.