“The Dunk” Eighteen Years Later

As the Knicks and their fans continue to watch the 2011 NBA playoffs from their homes, they can nevertheless reminisce about some of the team’s greatest moments in playoff history.

Eighteen years ago today, John Starks leaped over several Chicago Bulls in the final minute of Game 2 of the 1993 Eastern Conference Finals for a thunderous dunk (the most celebrated in Knicks history) to put the stamp on a 96-91 Knicks victory.
You can relive the moment, and its excitement, above.
The year’s Bulls squad is also displaying some high-flying acrobatics of their own during the playoffs, with MVP Derrick Rose and Taj Gibson erupting for dunks that make the crowd explode. Take a look below.

Personally, I’m partial to Gibson’s dunk, but Rose’s may ultimately garner higher recognition because of his status in the league.

How do you think Starks’ dunk matches up with those we’ve seen during the Bulls-Heat series this year? Let me know on Twitter @KnicksJournal!