Could Knicks Find Minutes in Rotation for Josh Howard?

As mentioned yesterday, Yahoo! Sports is reporting that free agent swingman Josh Howard is garnering interest from the Knicks, among other NBA teams.

A former NBA all-star on the Mavericks, injuries have limited Howard to only appearing in 96 (out of a possible 230) contests over the last three seasons.
Though he missed time last season, Howard still managed to average 8.7 points and 3.7 rebounds in 23 minutes per game for the Jazz. Staying healthy remains the key, but the Winston Salem native appears as though he could still make an impact for NBA teams.
Likely to be without guard Iman Shumpert (who is rehabbing from a knee injury) until January, perhaps the Knicks would benefit from bringing a player with Howard’s skill off the bench.
In addition to re-signing J.R. Smith, the Knicks were also able to lure in Ronnie Brewer earlier this offseason. While Brewer would be a good candidate to receive spot-starts and fill the defensive void left by Shumpert’s absence, New York could still use a bit of a scoring boost. 
Having already signed veterans like Jason Kidd and Marcus Camby to help complement their second unit, the experienced Howard would fit right into the Knicks’ revamped group.. Even if he were not able to stay healthy throughout the entire season, the team would really only require a consistent contribution from him while Shumpert sits out.
Signing a player like Howard is by no means a necessity for the Knicks, but there’s no doubt he has the potential to help, either. With the team at full health, it may even be difficult to find consistent minutes for Howard and a couple of other existing reserves. 
Having said that, during a long 82 game season in which NBA players endure and are forced to overcome an array of bumps and bruises, adding a bit of quality depth for the long haul couldn’t hurt. It solely depends on what kind of opportunities the other teams competing for Howard’s services can offer.