Is Tyson Chandler Justified In Calling Out Knicks Teammates?

Though he did earn himself a spot on the NBA’s “All-Defensive” First Team Monday afternoon, Tyson Chandler’s struggles in the postseason have arguably been more obvious than anyone else’s.

There’s no doubt the big man has had a tough time containing the Pacers’ Roy Hibbert throughout the Knicks’ series against the Pacers. He hasn’t done much to prove he deserves a spot amongst the league’s top defenders, as far as this season goes.

The Knicks have been struggling offensively, and Chandler made a point of criticizing his teammates with regard to the lack of ball movement. Is his own lack of aggression on both ends of the floor against Indiana also to blame, or is it solely his teammates’ responsibility to make things easier and get him the ball?

In any event, the clip below provides some interesting analysis on Chandler’s most recent comments, as well as his ongoing postseason struggles.