Ronny Turiaf’s Wild Ride

via How did you find out you were being traded to the Knicks?

Turiaf: I was in Africa when it became official, but I was made aware of the possibility of a trade happening a few days before I left. Based on what happened the first day of free agency, I knew pretty much what direction things were going. So I got a phone call and an email when it was official, and then I was off to New York. You had an interesting experience getting to New York for the press conference, right?

Turiaf: I was in the middle of Africa in nowhere. I had to drive seven hours to the nearest airport, wait nine hours in the airport as my flight was leaving at 4:00am. It was a pretty hectic trip but coming here was something that I needed and I am very happy. It didn’t matter how long it took to get to New York.”

An interesting snippet about the side of a transaction fans are not usually aware of. It sounds like Turiaf nearly had to jump through hoops just to get to New York.

He will certainly be making that same type of effort on the court this season.

Turiaf’s outgoing personality has already helped him embrace his fans and the media, something that is sure to make him a Garden favorite. It is no wonder he is happy to be in New York.