New York’s “Big Three” Grace NBA All-Star Ballot for the Knicks

Despite a 2-4 start to the NBA season, surely provoking frustration from many fans, there is no denying that the Knicks have the most exciting core group of stars the city of New York has seen in years.
Amar’e Stoudemire and Carmelo Anthony took New York City by storm last season, and now it is Tyson Chandler’s turn to join in and experience the fame the bright lights can potentially provide.
The NBA’s ballot for its All-Star Game was released yesterday, revealing that the Knicks’ “Big Three” of Stoudemire, Anthony, and Chandler, are representing the team on this season’s ballot.
Last season, the Knicks rallied its fans around voting for STAT (before Anthony came to town), helping him become an All-Star starter, the team’s first since Patrick Ewing in 1992.
With Anthony, who was voted in as a Western Conference All-Star starter as a member of the Nuggets, now donning orange and blue as well, fans will have their work cut out for them when aiming to instead vote in two All-Star forwards. With the center position likely dominated by Dwight Howard, Chandler will have to hope that he elevates his play tenfold (and the team starts winning) if he wants to garner consideration for a spot as a reserve.
Regardless of the competition, anything is possible when it comes the fans’ showing admiration and appreciation for some of their favorite players. If that’s not enough, the Knicks are there to help again, launching a campaign to feature the team’s “Big Three” in All-Star spotlight. is back with gusto, hoping to rally its fans around the Knicks in time for All-Star Weekend. In exchange for voting, Knicks fans have an opportunity to qualify for some fun-filled experiences and prizes.
The site is sure to be loaded with exciting content once again this season. Last year, it featured celebrity endorsements of Knicks players from the likes of Donald Trumop, actor Liam Neesen, and the cast of “Jersey Shore,” among others.

On another note, some of the players up for consideration for the All-Star Game appear to be puzzling choices. What’s more, should a big market like New York be represented by more than three potential players? What about Toney Douglas and Landry Fields?

With all the hype surrounding his debut, should two-time All-Star Baron Davis be included on the ballot? In the past, fans have been able to vote for injured superstars (Allen Iverson and Tracy McGrady are two names that instantly come to mind), but perhaps the league smartened up this season, omitting Davis, as well as Nets’ star Brook Lopez, among other injured talents, from the ballots all together.
Due to the shortened season, not giving consideration to injured players may make more sense, but certain omissions, such as starters from the Knicks and other talented teams, cannot be overlooked given some of the other questionable selections for the ballot (we’re looking at you, Marcin Gortat and Joel Anthony).
In any event, be sure to check out to help your favorite Knicks make it to the NBA All-Star Game!