P&T: Landry Fields is Still the Man

via Posting & Toasting

The main reason for my aborted post about the Knicks not drafting a shooting guard is my unrelenting faith in Landry Fields. Based on his work ethic and self-awareness, I think he’ll rebound from a dreary end to his rookie season and show up next year better prepared for a full NBA schedule and with better instincts on either end of the court. I expect him to hold down his starting spot and think Toney Douglas and Bill Walker are solid enough back-ups.

My buddy Seth Rosenthal at Posting & Toasting is gearing up for the draft, wondering what can and will be come Thursday. He shows support and faith in Knicks phenomenon Landry Fields, dispelling the notion that the team should draft a shooting guard in this year’s draft.

Fields has been spending his offseason in New York City, meeting with teammates like Amar’e Stoudemire and Carmelo Anthony, as well as preparing to venture back out to Los Angeles later this summer to work out with teammates.

As Seth notes, Fields has always displayed a strong head on his shoulders and despite his struggles later in the season (he had trouble finding his place on the Knicks following the Anthony trade), should be given an opportunity to redeem himself as the team’s starting two guard come training camp. He efficiently does all the little (and intelligent) things on the court.

In the interest of building a strong foundation around STAT and Melo, it’s likely Fields is still exactly the right fit for the Knicks.

At the same time, even if the Knicks forgo drafting a shooting guard and instead acquire a pick for Jimmer Fredette or trade for Jonny Flynn, Fields could still see his time on the court decrease. The team’s starting point guard, Chauncey Billups, is more of a scorer himself, and could likely comfortably share time on the court with either of the above mentioned floor generals.