NBA Lockout Would Mean No Treatment For Rehabbing Knicks

With the impending NBA lockout expected to begin tomorrow, there is worry as to when free agency will eventually begin, and if the next NBA season will begin on time.
What most fans may not realize, however, is some of the more behind-the-scences coming to a pause as well.
Marc Berman of the New York Post interestingly brought up the notion that during the lockout, players will effectively be shut out of team facilities and lose contact with medical staffs as well.
Knicks star Carmelo Anthony, who recently got a look inside the renovation at MSG, has been rehabbing from elbow bursitis, a condition that although it will not require surgery, has nagged him since his days in Denver.
Toney Douglas, the gritty guard who took tough hits and falls like a prized fighter this season, is also rehabbing from rotator cuff shoulder surgery.
Both have been using Knicks training facilities to get back on track, but will no longer be able to do so once the lockout begins.
Anthony and Douglas are both obviously major contributors, so it’s unfortunate that while both will continue to rehab, it will be without Knicks officials’ supervision. Not only is there a work stoppage in the league, but the pause itself is already effecting what will happen once everything resumes as it were.
In Douglas’ case, it will be interesting to see what his future holds with the Knicks after the draft selection of Iman Shumpert. Using “gritty” to describe Douglas doesn’t even begin to do him justice, as the sharp shooting guard played through visible pain all season long, still playing just as hard with just as much passion. He certainly proved to be durable to say the least.
Whether he gets the opportunity to build upon his success in New York remains to be seen. If the Knicks choose to keep TD, they will need to come to the realization that his strength is as a combo guard, and perhaps he can play alongside the likes of Chauncey Billups and Shumpert, rather than spell them.