A Sigh of Relief For Knicks Fans?

via Zags Blog

“I doubt it happens,” the source said. “Much too complicated. We will see if it’s real and make sense. Hopefully, the owners and players’ association will come to an agreement sooner than later.”

An insider from Amar’e Stoudemire’s team recently downplayed the possibility of him playing in Kobe Bryant’s China exhibition to SNY.

The insider seems to have a very honest and open view about the issue, though. It’s clear that Stoudemire understands the risk(s) of playing in such a tournament, but at the same time, if the lockout continues to the point where the players cannot resume their livelihoods, STAT (and everyone else for that matter) has to play somewhere eventually.

For now though, it appears as though Knicks fans can rest easy, as Stoudemire is not jumping at the chance and will apparently not jeopardize the Knicks’ chance of contention (whenever the NBA season does begin) just yet.