A Tribe Called Quest Documentary To Hit Theaters

Actor Michael Rapaport’s directorial debut, “Beats, Rhymes, and Life: The Travels of a Tribe Called Quest,” is set to be released in theaters starting Friday, July 8th, in New York and Los Angeles.
The movie documents the rap group’s ups and downs, successes and struggles–from their rise to the top of hip hop music to their breakup in 1998. Fans also get an inside look as to why the group eventually reunited in 2006 and headlined the 2008 “Rock the Bells” tour.
While Rapaport does dissect the controversies surrounding the group over the years, the film also clearly serves as a love letter to his favorite rappers of all-time.
Rapaport travels across the globe to talk with all four members–Q-Tip, Phife Dawg, Ali Shaheed Muhammad, and Jarobi White–about of course, the good and the bad times, but also to ask the question, “Will Tribe make more music?”
There’s no doubt that the fans would embrace such a new release, having craved new Tribe music (and celebrated the classics of the past) for years now. That being said, through various conversations Rapaport has with the likes of old school influences like Pete Rock and De La Soul, to the more recent hit makers like Pharrell and Common, also proves that the entire hip hop nation as a whole would love to hear new music from the group that influenced so many artists today.
Rapaport and Phife Dawg, his ATCQ right-hand man throughout the entire process, are both proud New Yorkers and diehard New York Knicks fans. The two sat down with Knicks Journal for interviews regarding the film and their favorite basketball team back in April, expressing concerns that the whole group would be behind the film. Nevertheless, after a few turns and twists, the entire group has now shown support of it one way or another, with the public ready to finally celebrate the film in the coming days.
While the documentary itself is supported by the group-mates and Rapaport does do a phenomenal job of celebrating them, viewers and fans will have to watch to see if Rapaport gets an answer to his ultimate question.
Phife Dawg’s love for sports is especially noted throughout the film, as he is hardly ever seen filmed without some sort of sports gear, ranging from Kobe Bryant and Kevin Durant jerseys to Golden State Warriors and Oakland Raiders hats. During the film, he even talks about his love for the Knicks and Lakers and shares his thoughts about Knicks star Amar’e Stoudemire.
While on the road, Phife loves to attend sporting events with bandmate and good friend Jarobi White. He now also spends his time away from the rap game as a basketball scout.
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