Podcast #4 With Phife Dawg: Knicks Look Ahead To A Tough Week

The Knicks’ struggles only seemed to continue following the All-Star break, as the team’s losing streak reached four frustrating games.

But could Sunday night’s commanding victory over the 76ers have been a sign that New York’s fortunes are changing? As the Knicks look to build upon some potential momentum, myself and Phife Dawg of “A Tribe Called Quest” took time to examine the week ahead.

The Knicks have a few tough games this week, beginning with a matchup against the Warriors on Wednesday. From there, New York faces a Wizards squad that beat them bad just a couple weeks ago, the first place Heat, and a Kyrie Irving led Cavaliers. None of these teams represent easy victories for the Knicks, especially considering how things have been going.

But what can the Knicks do to make sure they continue bouncing back from their recent slump? Phife and I discuss certain possibilities, as well as ponder what record the team may finish with by week’s end.

Have the Knicks become too complacent? Will blame be placed on Mike Woodson’s shoulders if he doesn’t make necessary adjustments? Who needs to step up? How important is it that the Knicks keep their cool on the court? Were enough changes made by the trading deadline? We tackle all these very questions, and much more.

In addition, in an attempt to perhaps help the Knicks’ players get motivated, Phife Dawg shares what music he’s been listening to as of late, and suggests a couple of tracks that should be on the Knicks’ pre-game music playlist if they truly want to get amped up.

Enjoy! As always, you can follow me on Twitter @KnicksJournal and hit up Phife Dawg as well @IamThePHIFER.