Ronny Turiaf Attending Training Camp with French National Team

Knicks center Ronny Turiaf is gearing up to represent France in Eurobasket this summer. He, along NBA players Tony Parker, Joakim Noah, Nicholas Batum, and many others, are on hand as the French National Team opens training camp this week.
Turiaf, who has always taken pride in his background, was unable to participate last summer due to injuries but is finally healthy enough to play again. Furthermore, again noting the NBA lockout, there is nothing (like a mere suggestion from the Knicks that he not play) that can be communicated to him that would keep him from participating.
Nevertheless, Turiaf confirmed his passion and commitment to the French National Team, whom he has represented dating back to 2006, in April, prior to the Knicks’ playoff series vs. the Celtics.
Turiaf, along with incoming rookie Josh Harrellson, are the only two true centers signed on the Knicks for next season. Prevented communication between the Knicks and their players presents tricky situations at times like these where players risk injuries, but in an interview linked above, Parker notes that he (and perhaps his French squad teammates) are not as worried despite the lockout.
Also joining Turiaf on the squad is his best friend, Boris Diaw. Last summer, the two traveled Africa, doing some great community work in the process.